~ Aquadogs Membership

New swimmers are welcome to join the team at any time throughout the year!

Please contact our Membership Coordinator to help you get started, and before visiting a practice:

Membership & Recruitment Coordinators

Troy & Patti Mihalevich


  • Prerequisites: Aquadogs swimming is for swimmers ages 6-18 years who can swim one length of the pool unassisted in both freestyle and backstroke. Stroke technique does NOT need to be perfect! 
The ability to dive and/or do flip-turns is also not required (these skills will be team-taught), however knowledge of basic breathing techniques and the ability to swim under water for a short distance is important. 

If swimmers are unsure of their abilities, Aquadogs coaches are happy to evaluate swim skills during a visit and to offer recommendations.  Please make an appointment to visit the pool with our ASA Membership Coordinator.

  • Involvement: Aquadogs swimmers can choose their own practice schedule and level of commitment based on the practice time options offered each season (see Practices). Some swimmers choose to practice at a competition level, while other swimmers prefer to practice at a recreational level
Swimmers are also broken down into practice groups according to age and ability. Swimmers can select from several swim meets of varying levels in which to compete throughout the year, or simply swim to develop technique and take advantage of the great conditioning swimming offers!

  • Cost: Cost of team membership depends on a swimmer's participation (please see Fees). Additionally, if a swimmer desires to attend swim meets there may be an entrance fee (usually under $10), which varies for each meet (please see Meet Information). Fees are charged monthly, and due by the 10th of each month.  All checks should be made out to "Adair Swim Association" or "ASA".

  • Getting Started:  Please contact the Aquadogs Membership Coordinator (above) to arrange a visit date, and then complete the online Swimmer Registration Form. A completed registration form must be submitted before any new/visiting swimmer may be in the pool with the team.
Prospective swimmers may visit the team anytime, but must remain on deck and cannot enter the water until registration forms have been submitted. (This is to ensure that ASA has current emergency information on file for ALL swimmers in the pool at any time.) 

For a list of suggested swim gear, please click:

See you at the pool!