~ Apparel & Merchandise

For ASA Aquadogs logo items, please contact our Team Spirit Coordinator:

Vendors for swim apparel and equipment:
(These links are offered only as a convenience, and are not necessarily an endorsement of any certain vendor or merchandise.)

Team orders for apparel and merchandise are taken from time to time, usually at the beginning of each season (click here for a current order form with prices). If your swimmer would like apparel or merchandise mid-season, please contact the ASA Team Spirit Coordinator (above) to place an order. Please see the samples below for some ideas.

Aquadogs Logo Merchandise

Aquadogs Swim Caps
These high-quality silicon swim caps help swimmers glide through the water with speed and comfort. Although caps aren't required at practices, they are recommended for the Truman pool and for swim meets.  (Also great for identifying swimmers in the water at meets!)

Aquadogs Decals
Now you can show your team spirit and help promote the Aquadogs by displaying our awesome new team decals!  Great for vehicles, swim gear, notebooks, and any smooth surface.  Decals are approximately 4x6" and are sold individually.  (See our instruction sheet for helpful tips on how to apply and remove decals.)

Other Aquadogs Merchandise
  • Team Buttons
  • Travel Mugs (metal with Aquadog logo) 


Aquadogs Logo Apparel

Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
(Black, Gray, Purple, or White)

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
(Black, Gray, Purple, or White)

Sweatshirt (without hood)

Pull-Over Hooded Sweatshirt

Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt
(Black, Gray, Purple, or White) 

Tri-Colored Hooded Sweatshirt
(Gray w/purple mesh hood lining
and armbands, and white trim)

Gathered Waist (Black or Gray)
       Straight Leg  -or-
       Gathered Leg
Women's Drawstring Waist, Open Leg (Black, Gray, or White)

Six-Panel Baseball Cap 
  (Black or White)
  - Men's
  - Women's