Swim Rewards Program

Here's How Your Athlete Can Earn Punches:

   - 1 punch for bringing a water bottle
   - 1 punch if athlete is on deck at the start of practice ready to swim
   - 1 punch for bringing your goggles and wearing them
   - 1 punch for wearing a swim cap for the entire practice time
   - 2 punches for each event swam at a meet

What Your Athlete Will Be Earning as They Earn Punches:

   - 25 punches:   swimming tattoo (temporary of course)
   - 50 punches:   10 minutes of free time at the end of practice
   - 75 punches:   swimming sticker
   - 100 punches: Swim Today bracelet
   - 125 punches: help the coaches plan the workout for the day
   - 150 punches: kick day for the team
   - 175 punches: bag tag
   - 200 punches: game day for the team