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Bringing water bottles to practice is a good idea year-round!  Whether in summer heat or winter chill, swimmers can become dehydrated quickly during a strenuous workout.

Often, because swimmers feel wet, they do not recognize their need for fluids. Please do make sure your swimmer brings a water bottle to every practice and instruct them to set the bottle on the deck edge at the end of their pool lane so they can sip whenever needed during practice. 

If swimmers stay well-hydrated, they will also feel less fatigued and less hungry after swimming!

Sports Physicals
The Adair County Health Department clinic is located at 1001 South Jamison (just east of the RIII school campus), and offers FREE sports physicals. Contact the Health Department at 665-8491 for more information and to set an appointment.

Although the Aquadogs don't require sports physicals, they are always recommended!

For questions or comments on safety issues, please contact our ASA Safety & Insurance Coordinator:

Devon Mills

Information on safety can also be found in the parent section of the USA Swimming website at www.usaswimming.org.

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