Truman Natatorium Protocol



From time to time the ASA Aquadogs will arrange for practice to be held at the Truman State University Natatorium. Practice at Truman’s pool is usually a very fun and exciting time for our swimmers, from the newest and youngest to the oldest and most experienced. Swimmers enjoy this opportunity, as they learn to use diving blocks, swim in a regulation length/depth pool, and practice together as a team. But, along with this terrific experience come some expectations of swimmers and families. So, in order for all of our swimmers to have a positive experience, it is VERY IMPORTANT for swim families to review the following protocol BEFORE they attend a Truman practice.

Please consult the Calendar & Events page of our website for specific dates and times of Truman practices.



The Truman Natatorium is located in the lower level of Pershing Arena on Truman’s campus, between Franklin, Patterson, and Florence streets.  For a campus map and to see available parking, please visit

Swimmers should arrive 15 minutes before the start of practice. Swimmers will be allowed into the locker rooms at this time by our coaches, who will then supervise the locker rooms. Parents should walk swimmers to the locker room area, and then head up to the observation/bleacher area. (Note: If you arrive early, please wait for the ASA coaches to arrive, since Truman swimmers may be in the locker rooms. If you arrive late, please usher your child into the locker room and have them quickly change and shower.) Coaches will be stationed in the locker room. Parents are also welcome in the locker rooms, BUT MUST NOT COME OUT ONTO THE POOL DECK.

Swimmers should change, put their belongings away neatly, and shower. All swimmers must shower before coming on deck. They should also have their goggles and swim cap ready to enter the pool area. The door leading from the locker rooms out to the pool deck will be unlocked by a lifeguard when it is time for practice to begin. Swimmers may return to the locker rooms when the coaches indicate practice is over. It is very important for swimmers to dress and leave the locker rooms promptly and in a clean fashion. Parents can wait for swimmers in the hallway outside the locker rooms (or be in the locker rooms to help them), but should arrive no later than 10 minutes past the end of practice to pick up their swimmers. Swimmers may not loiter in the Pershing Building.