Summer Swim Meet Schedule

posted Apr 10, 2014, 10:44 AM by Debra Krusniak   [ updated May 5, 2014, 1:52 PM ]
The Aquadogs summer swim meet schedule looks like this so far (tentative, as of 5/5/14):

  • June 7, Sat., at the Quincy YMCA with their team and the Hannibal swim team. Meet would start at 1:00, with warm-ups at noon.
  • June 14, Sat., at Kahoka. This is the 10 and Under meet for young swimmers. Meet would start at 10:00 with warm-ups at 9:30. Kahoka has a heated pool.
  • July 1, Tues., at Hannibal, with Louisiana. Meet would start at 6:00 with warm-ups at 5:30.
  • July 9, Wed., at Hannibal, with Memphis. Meet would start at 6:00 with warm-ups at 5:30.
  • July 19, Sat. Our home meet. Memphis would like to be included again this year.
  • July 22, Tues., at Canton with Quincy YMCA. Warm-ups at 5:30, meet at 6:00.
  • July 30, Wed., at the Sheridan Swim club in Quincy, with Kan-Oka swim team.
  • Aug., 2, Sat., at Sheridan Swim Club. River Country Championships.
Championship fees: the entry fees will be raised to $20 per swimmer this year, going up from $15 per swimmer last year. All other meets are free.

NOTES: ASA Aquadogs swimmers (juniors and Swim Team members) may attend any of these meets.  None are required.  The only requirement is that a swimmer must attend at least one River Country meet to be eligible to participate in the River Country championship on August 2.  Because of the expense of bringing a coach, we will not be able to send coaches to all of these meets.  We hope to be able to send coaches to the following meets: 

June 7 at Quincy YMCA

June 14 at Kahoka (10 and under meet)

July 1 at Hannibal

July 19 (home meet)

(July 30 at Quincy- Sheridan or River Country championships at Sheridan)

and will do so if we have at least five swimmers registered for a given meet.  We request a $10 meet fee for each participating swimmer to defray the cost of paying a coach to attend.

Officials Training Session: Sheridan would like to host an Official’s Training Session for the River Country teams before the June swim meets start. It would follow the USA rules, but not be USA sanctioned. They would like to have a couple of “stroke judges” from each team (parents or coaches) so that during meets they can judge and, if necessary, disqualify swimmers more consistently and make the meets more fair. Swimmers who don’t get DQ’d might not know they are doing strokes wrong, and that leads them to get DQ’d in larger meets where more is at stake. They don’t plan on punishing young swimmers who are learning, but older swimmers really need to follow the rules.  Let ASA Meet Coordinator, Andrea Maag, know if you're interested in attending with the Aquadogs.