Swim Fins (Flippers) Needed

posted Sep 29, 2011, 5:15 PM by Debra Krusniak
The coaches have requested that we ask our swimmers to each purchase a pair of swim fins (flippers) and bring them to practices. Fins allow younger swimmers to go faster, and because they support the body - other aspects of technique can be isolated and worked on. Plus, they're really fun!  The cost is roughly $25.00 a pair. We have a few club pairs to use - but they must be Lysoled to prevent foot fungi, etc., at every practice, which gets tedious. We'd like every swimmer to have a pair by the end of the month of October. (If this is a financial hardship please send Liza Ramberg a private email.)  You can find some links to vendors who sell swim fins on our Apparel page.