~ Swim Practices

2016 Fall Season Practice Schedule

Our summer swim season wraps up August 5th.  We'll be on hiatus for two weeks  and begin again on August 23rd.  Here's the fall practice schedule:

Tues. / Thurs. / Fri.           4:30 - 6:00 pm
Saturday                          11:00 - 12:30

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Swimmers may choose from any of the above practice days and time.  There is no minimum attendance or days required (swim families may choose whichever practice days/times best fit their schedules).

Fees are paid monthly, and swim families may choose which months to swim out of the year-round ASA program. Short breaks are typically scheduled in August, December, March (TSU spring break), and May.

Exemplary behavior is expected of all Aquadogs during swim practices, at the pool, and during any other Aquadogs activity. Click to see the ASA AQUADOGS CODE OF CONDUCT for more details.


  • All practices are held at the Kirksville Aquatic Center unless otherwise noted. (Some weekend practices may be held at the Truman Natatorium.) Swimmers must hold current Aquatic Center pool passes - please call the pool for more information at 660-627-POOL. 
  • For more information on the appropriate group level for your swimmer, please consult with our Head Coach. Swimmers are reviewed regularly, and moved up in level at certain times during the year. 
  • Attendance is not required at any practice, however, increased attendance is recommended as a swimmer reaches higher level practice groups. 
  • Any swimmer may remain at the pool on Saturdays after practice as the Aquatic Center opens to the public at noon, as long as they are age 10+ or in the company of a parent.
  • If the pool is closed, there will not be practice. Please consult the Weather Cancellation policy HERE. (Please note, the ASA policy differs from the public school policy.)
  • Click here to sign up for TEXTCASTER and have practice cancellations sent directly to your cell phone and email!